No Such Thing as Security for Official Buildings in the EYES of GOD ~ 7th. November, 2018

3 Nov_Andrea Bocelli_IMG_4609

One of my sons surprised me with a wonderful gift if two tickets to go and see Andrea Bocelli in concert at the O2 Arena in London last weekend with a friend. Having loved his voice for many years now, how could I say “No!” I invited Valentina along and soon discovered that we could get to London for this fabulous event but there was no public transport to get us back again and so we drove into town instead (for a third of the price).

We arrived earlier than expected as the roads had been clear of roadworks and car accidents and decided to go for a vegan meal at Ask Italian inside the O2 Arena venue. We ordered what we wished to eat and got chatting to a nice couple on the next table to us. They had been e-mailed two tickets for the Bocelli concert that night by a friend of theirs that was supposed to be going himself to the concert that night but had been rushed off to hospital as an emergency that afternoon and couldn’t now go. They had arrived at the booking office to go in and were refused admittance by the clerk despite the ticket numbers being legitimate and not bought on the black market because they didn’t have the printed version of the tickets accompanying them that night. They were still in the man’s home that had given them the tickets free and they couldn’t get access to them. He was in the hospital and not able to speak to the clerk on the phone to confirm what they were telling the clerk was true, that he really had given his tickets to them! They had tried numerous times to argue the truth of the matter with the clerk but he was adamant that they couldn’t go in for security reasons! Very despondently, they sadly walked away and decided to go for an Italian meal instead having travelled all the way in London especially for the event like us. We exchanged contact details as they were such nice people.

As they were telling us this sad tale, feeling very frustrated at their plight, nearing the end of their meal, I sent a little prayer up to LORD JEHOVAH to see if HE could get them in to hear the Concert that night. Almost instantly, I heard HIS VOICE reply in my ear, “They can! Tell them to go now to the box office” with some other instructions that HE gave me for them and “…they will get IN!” I relayed this to them, whereupon they got up straight away, paid for their meal and returned back to the booking office to have a last try (not believing me at the time I think) to get into the concert.

I had a text tonight to tell me that they did get into hear Andrea Bocelli sing exquisitely against all the odds. Don’t you just LOVE being a Nazarene? LORD JEHOVAH’S security checks are far higher than any Earthly organisations on this Planet and what HE COMMANDS HAPPENS! Look at what HE did for St. Peter when He was locked in prison. HE put everyone to sleep, dissolved the stone walls and St. Peter just walked out unseen with His guiding Angel!

“19. Then the Disciples came to YESHUA himself alone and they said to HIM, “Why were we not able to heal him?” 20. YESHUA said to them, “Because of your unbelief, for amen, I say to you, that if you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you may say to this mountain, ‘Move from here’, and it will move, and nothing will be difficult for you”.”

(Aramaic Bible in Plain English. The Gospel According to St. Matthew 17: 19-20.)

Something else really made Valentina and I laugh as we initially sat down to take our seats for the event. As I looked to my left of our row of seats, there was a huge lighting camera with the name “Lancelot” printed on it, my Soul-half! I couldn’t have planned that had I tried. It made both of us crack up in laughter!


Blessings to you all.
Maitreya Dominic, The Magdalene

Lancelot and Guinevere Painting_21731013_1441719989209252_8413625139545976004_n

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