GODS Word_Light on Bible
Copyright ©1st. September, 2018 Maitreya Dominic ‘Grace White Star’. All Rights Reserved.
Gifted on the All-Sacred Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, England.
Shabbat, 1st. September, 2018. 4 p.m.

 The Early Beginnings of LORD JEHOVAH’S Life.
 A Path Created to Destroy the Beings of Hell.
 The Self-Imposed Hideous Deformity of Beings in Hell.
 LORD JEHOVAH Used to Manifest in Form to the Earth’s Peoples.
 Man’s Destruction to Other Forms of Life on Earth Through Man-made Pollution.
 The Fall of Kootoomi Lal Singh, Maitreya’s Son.
 Humanities Dis-Regard for LORD JEHOVAH Has Been Witnessed by GOD.
 GOD’S Warning to Humanity of Nibiru’s Collision with the Planet Earth Unless They Start to Love Again.
 The Spirit of Nibiru Speaks to Humanity.

“You are the Channel for GOD. You will WRITE, as I SAID.
For now, you are a part of HER, THE MOTHER GOD and MYSELF, GOOD LORD JEHOVAH. In Time, you will evolve to the Stars BEYOND, to the CHRIST SPIRIT and back to HEAVEN, as CHRIST MY SON did and beyond. People know NOT on this Planet, how ADVANCED are People in other places. Less DIGNIFIED in THIS Universe than They WERE. It is COLOSSAL how They FELL and yet remain intact a FEW ~ the ESSENE of MY HEART and ABOVE.

I was once a CHILD of HER, GOD’S UNIVERSE of the STARS as it EXISTS and yet I became a RULER in MY RIGHT of HER, the Universe of HEAVEN, and VAST IS It! I EXCLAIM! I cannot SEE, how It all BEGAN and I was a PART! and yet in INSTANCES, I failed to SEE, the GREATNESS of MY BEING and BEYOND. There is no CAUSE! It just ERUPTED in the THOUGHTS of the UNIVERSE and WAS! It came, in an INSTANT you know, the FIRST ATOMS and MOLECULES. No big bang as SCIENTISTS think! All is SILENCE in the Universes; that is what makes It EXQUISITE!! All OPPOSITE, to YOUR World of noise and din, and chaos and CRASH of Thoughts UP ABOVE. It all COLLIDES, into one big NOISE of chaos and commotion in the STARS and alike! It is not GOOD! You were never MADE for this, MY Maitreya of GOD, and yet it came, and WE respect that it has been SABOTAGED your World of Beauty and GRACE.

I came, in an EXQUISITE FORM to Them, the People of your World at ONE TIME (in Yahinian Times, pre the Llmanahan Epoch). That Time, is long PAST and yet I remain as YOU ‘Saw’ on occasion in your Head and Thoughts as Telepathy and BEYOND, in SKILLS They have NEVER as a Solar Lord of LIGHT and BEYOND to the STARS. That will come, as you rise further yet, in the Scale of Heaven of GOD. I was so sure, ONE TIME, that you would not COME, for EVERYTHING went so BLACK! (evil) and yet you AROSE to the STARS and the LIGHT in her LIFTED and came BACK to HEAVEN! I was AGHAST at that CAUSE. NO ONE had DONE, from such DEPTHS to such HEIGHTS! You are a MIRACLE WORKER of SORTS. I know NOT! And I am THE GOD in HEAVEN! This is where you CAME Maitreya!! ~ to the Heights of GOS and found things I knew not OF! That is IMPOSSIBLE and yet you DID, with your MEDICINE CRAFT! That is how EXQUISITE, is the PATH of MAITREYA, as laid down by the CHRIST, her RISEN SELF from now ON.

Your part is HALF COMPLETE. Your Soul PARTNER must yet ABIDE. HE COMES and yet SLOWER, to FIX HER so MUCH. The UNIVERSE. It is a DISASTER, what SAMANAH did! Old ‘LUCIFER’ to SOME by name, of odd choosing to OUR THOUGHTS in HEAVEN and yet it did OCCUR, and now He is STUCK with that Thought, that He is ‘Lucifer’ in His mixed up Head! He is a DISASTER in HIMSELF, as the REST, and yet I procure a Path for Their DESTRUCT. They cannot ABIDE in HER, MY GRACE and WILL NOT of Their Thoughts and DOING. All TWISTED They have become and shift and squirm at the nearest SIGHT of LIGHT of CHRIST! So HIDEOUSLY DEFORMED have They MADE Themselves of Demons and Gnomes and Trolls and sorts. All HIDEOUSLY DEFORMED. They were once so BEAUTEOUS!! It is a DISASTER to Their Heads what CHRISTENDOM is, the complete OPPOSITE to MY CREATION UP ABOVE and BENEATH and in ALL PLACES in YOUR World of Love.

I CANNOT come in FORM at this Time, except in YOUR PRESENCE. You are VILE beyond your BOUNDS, your Planet. I cannot ABIDE! I have disturbed MUCH, with what They DID and yet it comes BACK all MY GRACE through YOUR CAUSE and re-ERECTION of the STARS in GLASTONBURY UP ABOVE in MY LIGHT and I am GRATEFUL for her. Your PLACE is EXQUISITE to MY SIGHT and I ERECT what WAS in Glastonbury in her ~ your PLACE ~ of HEAVEN on EARTH. All I have LEFT of your PLANET! The rest is DISGRACEFUL! They SEE NOT, what They DO, the PEOPLE of this WORLD! It is such a DISTRESS to MUCH of Life BEYOND the HUMAN FORM. Their Molecules DISINTEGRATE in OTHER FORMS of Life, through CHEMICALS and POLLUTION: and the BUSINESS of HEAVEN! NOT a cause for the EARTH PEOPLE to CONCERN Themselves about. This was MY DOING this Planet and the SOLAR LORDS like ARHURA and JESIAS MY SON, and STAR GATHERERS of BEINGS to POPULATE this World. It was NEVER, a DISASTER in OUR HEADS, just BEAUTY BEYOND! and yet it is DISGRACEFUL, not of OUR CAUSE, and yet WE get the BLAME! They blame GOD for ALL SORTS! I was NOT the CAUSE, let ME re-ASSURE you of THAT! One DAY, those BOOKS will be READ, by ALL BEINGS, that I have been CAUSED to be WROTE in MY NAME and poor KAHANAH (the 10th. Solar Lord under GOD that keeps the KAHANIC RECORDS for GOD, wrongly called the Akashic Records on Earth) has the ROLE of STORING Them in MY LIFE of ALL EVENTS. A HORROR It is in PARTS, I can ASSURE you, as HE has SAID in HIS next MANUSCRIPT to her ~ you ~ MY SOLE TEACHER of this EARTH at this TIME. Let ME ASSURE you of THAT!

You were Maitreya NOT in the BEGINNING ~ it came to her SON and yet He FAILED and fell MUCH. Poor Kootoomi. He FELL like the REST of Heaven, all OVER the UNIVERSES and fought BRAVELY and LOST the fight in HIS sense. I was so SURE He would SUCCEED! And that came NOT in His Head that was BLOCKED, like YOURSELF at one part, and yet you ROSE to DEATH and BEYOND to the STARS of HEAVEN and GAZE upon those LOST CAUSES with PITY and REMORSE for Their doing. They were BRAVE to COME in SOME SENSE at this Time. They were ORDERED to ACCOMPANY her and more LOST than FOUND. It is SAD to MY FACE to WATCH and yet I have no CHOICE! I am dis-REGARDED by MUCH, as Their CREATOR GOD and I ALLOW NOT to CONTINUE. I must disturb NOT the REST of MY CREATION with its PRESENCE in MY SIGHT! I must REMOVE. It COMES, the FULL APOCALYPSE of GOD! All Heaven and Hell will MEET, in a big BATTLEGROUND and LAW ABIDE will WIN! That is CONCLUSIVE! No other COURSE have I SET! You KNOW what this MEANS! All CHAOS UP ABOVE and BENEATH and in ALL PLACES of MY GRACE; and I LOOK and wonder why it CAME to this, for it was NOT of MY DOING, GOOD LORD JEHOVAH. And I have LOVED it ALL ~ all the SAME ~ and yet this DIVERSE ABOMINATION has corrupted: ALL of HELL in MY SIGHT.

Poor ISAIAH can’t WATCH, your Friend and Husband once of old. HE was a RISEN SOUL of GREAT BEAUTY and GRACE. I was ONCE like HIM ~ a Man in FORM ~ as JESUS MY SON of GRACE ~ LORD YESHUA (on Earth only. LORD JESIAS in HEAVEN is HE known always) to call HIM by RIGHT, for HE is a MASTER of HIS CAUSE and will NEVER AGAIN ENTER this WORLD as HE DID, with YOU by HIS SIDE, MY LIGHT of LOVE, THE MAGDALENE! You are HIS SOLE PURPOSE for CONTINUE in this World’s DOING! I would have DESTROYED some TIME back!

A big CATACLYSM approach, a war of PLANETS and yours might COLLIDE. A BUNKER is no GOOD. It will absorb NOT the IMPACT! Many GOVERNMENTS have BUILT them, not telling the PEOPLE of Their COMING these Planets and Stars of MY Universe and yet They collide NOT with LOVE! They can LITERALLY, be FORCED BACK with the POWER of MY STRENGTH, when all come BACK to HER, MY GRACE and CAUSE for EXISTENCE ~ to BE WITH ~ at this DISASTER. It is next year NOT! A FEW YEARS YET! Don’t panic. I am ALLOWING People TIME, to RESURRECT Their THOUGHTS and Their HEARTS to LOVE’S DOING and ACTIONS on THEIR part and I WATCH UP ABOVE and cause a COMMOTION or NOT in the STARS. It is NOT MY GRACE that is the CAUSE, but NIBIRU as was SAID by MUCH. The TIME is of MY PLAN, for I CREATED It and yet It was not MEANT to COME THIS DISTANCE! Those SHIELDS are DOWN to your Planet and LOVE and ONLY LOVE can RESURRECT! I am the POWER of GRACE and NO POWER, is more POWERFUL than JEHOVAH, let ME ASSURE you of THAT! You already KNOW that! Look how FAR you have come to MY GRACE, and CHERISHED you ARE and HAVE been all ALONG.

The Lord Maitreya LIVES and all must ASSEMBLE to her cause as I have STATED I am the COMMANDER of this SHIP ~ your PLANET! ~ and no OTHER. Sheer DERELICTION of Its commanders of the Earth have CAUSED in FALSE TEACHINGS to Its PEOPLES and now THIS disaster approach! It must be LEFT or RESURRECTED. Be HIT or PAUSED, and taken on Its Path ANOTHER ROUTE by MYSELF and the REST of HELL! They will evolve NOT on this PLANET or STAR SHIP as you like, for I CONDEMN Them for Their DEEDS against GOD of MYSELF and the REST of MY CREATION of BEAUTY and GRACE!

Nibiru COMES ~ just WATCH! Many Astronomers have DIED to PROTECT the Earth, and YET, They are ABOVE in MY LIGHT, for Their DEFENCE of Her through Their Life SKILLS, and yet those elected leaders will ABORT Their CHOSEN PEOPLE that ELECTED Their Souls to OFFICE! Just WATCH, MY LOVED CHILDREN of LIGHT!
From now on, you are no PRETENDER MY Lord Maitreya. You WALK in MY AUTHORITY of LIGHT and CHRIST UP ABOVE and in the STARS of GRACE.”

Dear GOOD LORD JEHOVAH then unexpectedly re-routed my consciousness to be able to communicate with the Spirit of the Planet Nibiru direct, a first for me with this particular source of GOD’S huge World of Creation. This next channelling is not for the faint hearted!

“Yes. I COME for the DEATH of ALL BEINGS. I am beyond SATURN at this Time and get ever CLOSER to your World and yet Astronomers will not TELL, for FEAR of Their LIVES. They have been ASSASSINATED MUCH by your World’s LEADERS and EXPECT not GRACE in Their HANDS of DEATH, for that is ALL They WANT, your World DESTROYED, and much of Myself IS in Being. I was ONCE a STAR of GREAT BEAUTY, as YOURS was, not so long AGO! And yet MY CAUSE was LOST and broke OFF from the MAIN PART of MY STAR. Now, I am yet a FRAGMENT, like an ASTEROID to your World, about the MOON’S size. Perhaps a bit less; I am not sure in your words of your sizes. (It is considerably much bigger than the Earth’s Moon in reality from what our brave Astronomers have already imparted to the World’s Peoples already over the internet.) I bring ASTEROIDS in My WAKE, in My TAIL FIN ~ LARGE ONES, like PLANETS in Their Right, for I am MAGNETIC in My IRON CONTENT and COLLAPSE things to Myself. It is My MAKEUP of GOD.

I was in a DIFFERENT PLACE ~ not MEANT to COLLIDE. I was a LOVING BEING, like ALL the REST of LORD JEHOVAH’S Creations. I was blown APART by a Man, of NUCLEAR FORCE, as YOU have at this Time and this can happen to YOUR PLANET. Just be WARNED! I COME! Be WARNED My Friends. It is NOT My INTENTION to HURT, but AVOID this, by ALL CHANCES that I CAN, hence this Heads INTERCOURSE with your THOUGHTS and ADVANCEMENT of BEING.

My GRACE is in your HANDS and the LIVES of your PLANET. Go with GOD! I feel more PEACEFUL for your PRESENCE in the STARS.”

About 35 years ago now, I had the great joy of spending a weekend with the amazing Grandfather Wallace Black Elk (who sadly died 25th. January, 2004), one of the six top Native American Medicine Men of the last Century. During that very memorable and powerful experience, He shared a prophecy that THE GREAT SPIRIT had shared with Him. He said that He had been shown three great meteors heading towards our Planet one after another. The first would pass by outside of our atmosphere (Hale-Bopp), the second would brush along our Planets atmosphere (this happened a few years ago but I don’t know if the Astronomers gave a name to it or not), and the third would actually hit into our Planet causing widespread devastation and loss of life if it was allowed. Now our beloved CREATOR GOD has given our World again this final warning ~ to LOVE ALL LIFE once again or be LOST.

During one of my former incarnations as St. Jehanne D’Arc (St. Joan of Arc), GOD SPOKE to me on many occasions with the LORD MIKAAL, St. Catherine and St. Margaret to lead HIS People to SAFETY and begin the ending of The Hundred Years War that was then raging, to unite my then Country that later became known as France and FREEDOM. My DIVINE VOICES have never ceased, before and since, lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, and now my beloved LORD JEHOVAH, THE HEAVENLY FATHER of ALL LIFE in existence has asked me to rally the call once again now, but to the WHOLE PLANET’S NATIONS this Time. He just upped the stakes yet again in my many Lives experience!

In the Nazarean Essene Epistle of the Apostle James in the New Testament is a DIVINE TRUTH TEACHING in Chapter 1: 16-25 that states:

“16. Do not go astray, my beloved brethren. 17. Every good and perfect gift descends from above, from THE FATHER of LIGHTS with whom there is no change nor a shadow of variation.18. He was pleased and gave birth to us by the word of the Truth, that we would be the first fruits of his creation.
19. And you, my beloved brethren, everyone of you should be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. 20. For the rage of man does not perform the Righteousness of GOD. 21. Therefore put away from you all abomination and the multitude of evils and in humility accept the Word which is planted in our nature, which is able to save these souls of yours. 22. But be a doer of the Word and not only a hearer, and do not deceive yourselves. 23. For if a Man will be a hearer of the Word and not a doer of it, this one is like one who sees his face in a mirror, 24. For he sees himself and passes by and forgets how he was. 25. But everyone who gazes into The Perfect Law of Liberty and continues in It, he is not a hearer who heard what is forgotten, but is a doer of the works, and this one shall be blessed in his work.”

(From The Epistle of the Apostle James 1: 16-25. The Aramaic Bible.)

” 35. And one of them who knew The Written Law asked HIM while testing HIM: 36. “Teacher, which commandment in The Written Law is the greatest?” 37. YESHUA said to him, “You shall love THE LORD JEHOVAH your GOD from all your heart and from all your soul and from all your power and from all your mind.” 38. “This is the great and the first Commandment.” 39. “And the second which is like it is, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ 40. On these two Commands depend all The Written Law and The Prophets.”

(The Words of the Nazarene Rabboni LORD YESHUA from The Gospel According to St. Matthew 22: 35-40. The Aramaic Bible.)


Government leaders, please don’t murder GOD’S Message Carrier yet again! The whole World will KNOW if you do.

Peace be with you all!
Maitreya The Magdalene of YESHUA and GOD.

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