LORD YESHUA Completes the Fifth Stage of HIS Crucifixion Resurrection Tonight. 19th. April, 2019.

As St. Mark wrote in His Synoptic Gospel 15: 25 and v. 34, LORD YESHUA hung on that cross of horror for six long agonising hours and suffered, like no other in the history of all time.

Following the major personal healing of the Magdalene spoken about earlier today in February 2019, commencing during her Noonday Essene Holy Communion Prayer time today, she initiated the sixth stage of LORD YESHUA’S RESURRECTION process that began a week prior to HIS death at Golgotha, in Bethany, her brother Elʿāzārs (Lazarus’) home. Normally there are three stages to a Human Beings death, but with LORD YESHUA being
Solar, in HIS case, there turned out to be five. Having worked with HIM to achieve this in the Heaven Realms on and off all afternoon, I got word from GOOD LORD JEHOVAH HIS HEAVENLY FATHER just after 19:00 hours tonight, that the fifth stage was finally successfully completed. A full account of today’s historic events will be written up in St. Bartholomew’s new Holy Gospel to be released hopefully later on this year.

Thank you all, for dropping what you were doing at very short notice to assist me with this process through the gift of your love to HIM so unconditionally today when this life-changing need of HIS suddenly appeared today on my Spiritual radar. It was greatly appreciated by us BOTH!

Following this final fifth stage of HIS Crucifixion event being completed tonight finally bringing HIM full circle back to HIS HEAVENLY FATHER-MOTHER GOD on HIGH ~ THE MESSIAH ~ HE went to HIS own Heavenly Temple in the Spirit Realms and gave thanks unto GOD for HIS SAFE DELIVERANCE and COMPLETION.

Tonight, just before 21:00 hours G.M.T., I had a very strong impression to walk up my road to Wearyall Hill, the site of where the original Holy Thorn Tree of LORD YESHUA’S had once grown before being cut down by a lunatic. The Sacred Tree Trunk was adorned with more Prayer Ribbons and Spiritual Trinkets than I have ever seen in my life there over the past 45 years. Caiaphas and the Romans cut down LORD YESHUA’S Physical Body by nailing HIM to a ‘Tree’ just over 2,000 years ago; a lunatic in Glastonbury on the 8th. December, 2010 cut down with a chain saw the Holy Thorn growing very happily still upon Wearyall Hill here in Glastonbury, on the Sacred Isle of Avalon HIS ministry walking stick; but this day, the 20 th. April, 2019, HE proved HIS superiority and governance over all existence, both Spiritual and Physical and conquered it all through HIS Divine Mastership and Heavenly Royal Command finally, above the very worse that Mankind could do to any Being in any shape or form and stand erect, supreme as our True all ruling SON of GOD and MESSIAH of ALL that HE IS!


Looking at all the many thousands of multi-coloured Prayer Ribbons blowing gently in the warm Spring breeze here in Avalon this misty evening, even the desecrating severe sabotage of HIS HOLY TREE, so representative of HIS PHYSICAL BODY and DIVINE PRESENCE upon this Earth now in our time, despite the Jews and the Romans best attempts to kill HIM and all of HIS Disciples, and HIS pure and perfect Nazarene Essene ‘WAY’ of Life that HE taught throughout the whole of HIS dear sweet LIFE and MINISTRY WORK 2,000 years ago, NOTHING could stop and silence the great and ever continuing outpouring of peoples love and hearts towards HIM, our eternal LORD of LOVE and LIFE, and all of Humanities only ‘Key to enter into Heaven.’

5. Thoma said to him, “Our Lord, we do not know where you are going and how can we know the way?” 6. YESHUA said to him, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Way and The Truth and The Life; no man comes to MY FATHER but by ME alone.”

(The Aramaic Bible. The Gospel According to St. John 14: 5-6.)


NOTHING is more POWERFUL than our ONE TRUE ETERNALLY LIVING and ALL RULING GOD on HIGH. Shalom LORD this Day at last to YOU with the love of your Magdalene and all of your loyal Essene Friends, x

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