Dr. Peter Robin Husband Passes Back to the Spirit World

Many of our Essene Community in Britain will have known Dr. Peter Robin Husband, ‘Robin’, from our gatherings around the Country over many years and his dear wife Priscilla, ‘Pru’. Robin was taken ill suddenly and sadly died on the 15th. May, 2017. He ran an Essene Centre at Royal Oak Farm in Castle Cary with his wife for many years and was much loved by all who knew him, especially for his sense of humour.

I went to his funeral last Friday The Church of St. Andrew, in Ansford, Somerset. The church was full with family and friends all paying their last respects. His son Tom gave an excellent eulogy about him. He grew up in Malaya on a rubber plantation and then had to flea the country with his mother due to the Second World War troubles. His father was sadly placed into a concentration camp for three years. Robin later studied Medicine and worked as a doctor for 30 years. One patient told him that “His aura was so bright, it could light up the whole of New York.” Another said that 15 minutes with him had done her more good than 10 years sat with other doctors.” He then went on to work as an Osteopath until he died. A real ‘Therapeutae’ in the traditional sense of the Essene Way.

Robin’s body was interred in the graveyard there on a very beautiful hot sunny day overlooking Glastonbury Tor in a beautifully peaceful place of rest. Enjoy your new life Robin with our blessing in the Spirit Realms of our higher existence.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pru and his family at this time.

Peace be unto you.

Robins Funeral

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