KING ARTHURE’S Daughter ‘The Magdalene’s’ Visit to Cerne Abbas Crop Circle Created to Announce HIS New Book Launch

On Saturday, 3rd. June 2017, I was taken to see the new KING ARTHURE spiritually manifested Mary Magdalene crop circle at Cerne Abbas just south of Yeovil, West Dorset, created to honour me as HIS daughter and “The Pen” of HIS new autobiography.

Here are some photographs of me sat in the heart chakra of it. This is the first one that I have visited and if they are all as revelationary as this one, I will visiting a lot more in the future!

I spent a very happy three hours channelling very very advanced Star Beings sat in this very quiet countryside location there from Andromeda and Ganymede. In fact, I have never had the pleasure to connect to so MANY, MANY, very very advanced Beings in one place at one time. It was a real joy to do, despite an irritating noisy flying drone flying over me while I was trying to work twice for about ten minutes at a time!They are great for taking aerial photographs, but very annoying and spiritually intrusive when you are trying to place all your focus on such super intelligent Beings of Divine Love.

Peace be with you all from Them and myself.

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