Young Uthyr Pendragon Puss Communicates from the Spirit World 4th. July, 2017, the Day After his Passing.

DSC02423I went into the Temple yesterday at Noontime to do my Holy Communions as a part of my holy vows within the Nazarean Essene Order before GOD at my ordination without Uthyr Pendragon sat at my side as was our routine. It felt like a part of my very own Being was missing! He had brought himself of his own freewill to come thrice daily into my Prayer and Meditation building here in the garden to join with me in my routine sacred practice, and if I was five minutes late opening the door for him to go inside, he went absolutely mental. He may have been only a very young cat but he was advanced sufficiently Spiritually to know what GOD sent to him at the Noontime period vibrationally and to HIS flock upon this Earth at that time and the silence of the Temple that I have almost always managed to maintain within the building magnified it profoundly, which he adored and went into raptures about each day. It was his ‘daily fix’ from GOD (as for myself) and nothing and nobody was going to stop him from receiving it! Nobody can ever accuse cats from being stupid! From my experience, they are far more intelligent Spiritually than the majority of Humankind walking about on this very crowded Planet at present. Their Spiritual abilities are phenomenal!

At 12:40 p.m., I was suddenly made aware of little Uthyr Pendragon directing his thoughts to me from the Spirit World. As I tuned in to the Higher Realms, I was gifted a Vision of him by GOD still curled up resting in his radiantly beautiful golden-yellow sedating healing CHRIST LIGHT RAY of GOD. As I watched him silently in my Clairvoyant Sight, he managed to half open his eyes very drowsily and then with a great struggle, managed to push himself up a bit unsteadily into the sitting position. He then successfully managed to say some of his Noontime Prayers linked in with me in the Temple here in Glastonbury before the CHRIST HEALING RAY over came him, his eyes closed and his front paws slid out from underneath him again. Major head and brain injuries or not and being thrown 4 metres by the impact of the car of the thoughtless reckless hit and run driver that hit him was not going to stop him from fulfilling his appointed role by LORD YESHUA as HIS ‘Temple Guardian Cat.’ He knew at some level in the Spirit World that he was late for ‘duty’ and had a job to do for HIS CREATOR GOD! He made it, all be it somewhat late bless him.

Uthyr was always from the day I collected him from near Bristol a rough, tough, totally fearless and courageous kitten. Although he had lost his life on this final battlefield in our violent, sadly all too frequently uncaring World two days ago, he had been given a ‘Mission’ to fulfill for his UNIVERSALLY RULING GREAT SPIRIT, and critically sustained battle wounds received to his head or not, under the influence of very strong sedating HEALING CHRIST RAYS in HEAVEN or not, to his mind, he was expected ‘On Duty’ for his GOD. How he knew with the difference in time dimensions between Worlds in that deep healing mode I have no idea, and yet he knew! I guess that he must have felt the CHRIST RAYS being projected out from GOD HIMSELF from SOURCE to Glastonbury here on this occasion. Amazing!

Uthyr Pendragon was just the same in his strong courageous personality that I named young Uthyr Puss after, my former Father-in-Law, the Father of the legendary and noble King Arthure. Uthyr manifested his Spirit to me when I was driving back from Bristol to Glastonbury having collected my new kitten, and was sat in the front passenger seat of my car for most of the journey home keeping me company on that drive. I was wondering what to name him. When I had arrived at the house, 8 of Uthyr’s brothers and sisters were all curled up together in a cat basket fast asleep, but my adventurous kitten had gone off exploring on his own and was wedged down the back of the fridge! His then owner had to pull the fridge out to retrieve him! In view of that, I asked Uthyr if he would mind if I named him Uthyr after him since they both shared that same fearless spirit. He said that he would be honoured to have him named that and Uthyr Pendragon he became. Uthyr by name and Uthyr by nature also.

Uthyr fulfilled his mission regardless of injuries and still remains it seems “GOD’S Temple Cat” here at my little two-bedroomed Bed and Breakfast and Essene internet teaching centre based here in Avalon. GOD even gave him a profound beige cross design in his brown tabby coat to wear on his back to help him remember his life’s task for him that you will be able to see in the little video that I have put up tonight here on the website.

Peace be with you all and with little Uthyr eternally I pray.

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