A Baby Squirrels Sad & Very Lucky Tale. 29th. August, 2017

I had a very unusual day yesterday. It was a glorious hot sunny bright day here in Avalon and I was able to take a few hours off from the Spiritual Retreat Centre and go and spend a few hours of Contemplative Reflection in the Chalice Well Garden, created to protect the Holy Red World Healing Spring that LORD YESHUA blessed 2,000 years ago that continues to manifest miracle healings of incurable illnesses to All-Life upon this beautiful Planet.

I sat up just above the Well-Head and I had only been there a few minutes when a baby Squirrel aged maybe about 3-4 months old fell out of an old Yew tree off a branch about 30-35 feet up above my head, landing very heavily on its side at my feet, totally knocking the breath out of it. It looked at me for help, gave a blood curdling cry of pain, as it hit the ground (and had probably broken most of its right-hand side ribs poor thing), and passed out with Concussion. Stunned, I watched it for a minute or two to see if it was going to die immediately, but I felt intuitively that this little new born soul dearly wanted to live! and so I said specific Prayers for it to the appropriate Heirarchy in Heaven that deal with such issues for us and went and collected some of LORD YESHUA’S miraculous Healing Red Spring Water and placed it over the baby Squirrel. Much to my amazement, it continued to breathe unaided and seemed to then sink into a peaceful state despite being knocked unconscious. The shift was palpable! A lovely very kind German lady then came and assisted me to direct the Lukhanic Healing Ray of GOD to the deeply injured soul for about 20 minutes afterwards. I knew that my Prayers that been answered, because while I continued to sit there watching over it, two Robins came and sat either side of me on the two arms of the wooden bench I was sitting on, CHRIST’S Bird.

I told one of the Garden Trustee ladies about what had taken place and she said that she would take care of it for me. I telephoned the Chalice Well Gardens office the following morning to see how the baby Squirrel was doing and was told that it had scampered off! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! It was so injured. LORD YESHUA and the Heirarchy of GOD’S Healing Angels certainly worked a miracle on that baby Squirrel that day. No other way would that baby Squirrel have lived landing so awkwardly with injuries like that and lived to tell the tale!


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