THE LORD CHRIST I AM’S Spiritually Channelled Trance Teaching Gifted on the 21st. June, 2017 through Rev. Sister Dominic/ the former Mary Magdalene, is Uploaded onto YouTube Today. 28th. January, 2018

Hi Everyone.

Well today, with a small group of our Essene Community that were here visiting me here at this Nazarean Spiritual Retreat Centre last Summer to assist in the recording of I AM THE LORD CHRIST speaking through me in the Spiritual Trance state, using a more unusual form of it called Solar Thought Transference and my friend Lisa from Bali’s intermittent help, I have produced my first YouTube video that went live tonight at LORD YESHUA’S Command and to HIS great excitement. It is something that I never thought I would master, computer movie making programming, but a miracle has truly happened. This computer dinosaur just took a big leap into 2018 technology! CHRIST’S MESSAGE is a World Announcement to Humanity everywhere and very profound. When I played it back after all my Nazarene friends had left to listen myself to what had been said through me, it left me very emotional. Many things I had known previously through my private Meditation conversations with HIM over the years, but I didn’t expect HIM to go public with some them but I guess now is the time. HE wanted this uploading onto the internet last year but I didn’t have the skill mix to manage it myself at that time, but now it is finally there. Thank you to all of you that assisted THE LORD CHRIST of our Community from all over the World that came together this day from Russia, Jamaica, Holland and even Britain to make it possible. Maybe we can do some more sometime when we next meet up to bring another CHRIST BLESSING into our World.

Maitreya Mary Magdalene in Trance Speaks Live. The Peace Path by I AM THE LORD CHRIST

Peace be with you all. Rev. Sister Dominic. x

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