On the 23rd. April, 2018, Ingela my new Saami Swedish friend had a friend from Minnieapolis also arrive here in Glastonbury called Terri that was here with a spiritual group in town doing Breath Work Workshops. Terri invited me to attend and that Workshop proved itself to be one of those life changing events. She took me deeper with her breathing routine into meditation her way than I had been for quite some time and during the exercise while I was deeply into the void of my soul I re-connected to THE AM, THE LORD CHRIST, LORD YAHWEH. HE said to me, “I have never seen such Grace and Connection to THE AM. You are now ONE with THE AM. Your name will be “Grace” from now on. It means ‘Light and Breath’ in MY HEAVEN. “Grace White Star” from now on.

I was given the name “White Star” many years ago but the communication was over heard by the anti-CHRIST who started to then use it personally and not wanting to associate myself with that vile figure, I didn’t walk with that name since, but this came through as such a direct Command of GOD, I have now started to use it and I am slowly starting to get used to it after so many years of being told to use the first name my Soul was ever given by I AM when HE breathed life into my Soul at the very beginning, LORD ARHURA/ the legendary KING ARTHURE having firstly created my Spirit. So from now on, I will be known as Rev. Sister/ Grandmother “Grace White Star.” For all my lifetime of impossible pursuits for the GODHEAD, I have been gifted a higher name in Heaven to walk with. Thank you GOD!

May 2017_Steve Lee Show_Me Cropped

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