The Chalice well Garden May Day Meditation ~ 1st. May, 2018

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I also forgot to mention the May Day Celebrations in town on the 1st. May, 2018. I went down to the Town Hall to join in the fun. Billy the Bard was there reciting a lovely Essene Spiritual poem that he had composed just for the event and the Glastonbury Morris Dancers were also dancing in their very decoratively painted manner.

The Glastonbury May Pole was then ceremonially carried through the town up to the base of Chalice Hill and danced around with great glee, but I am sure that its very highly spiritual significance of this pre–Atlantean all sacred ritual was totally sadly forgotten. I went off to the Chalice Well Garden at Noon to join in the May Day Meditation there led by one of the Trustees and yet again, LORD YESHUA was not mentioned once that blessed that HOLY WELL and the very reason that we were all gathered around it from all over the World that day. So dis-respectful to their FOUNDER! As you can tell, I was not impressed yet again, although they did dress the Well nicely in May Day blossoms! A man came from India to play his Star/ Flower of Life metal singing bowl over the well head and the sound from that bowl was out of this World. It helped to make up for the Trustees gross error that day.

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