The Native American Sacred Hoop Dance ~ 9th. December, 2018

This is FATHER CHRISTMAS/ THE HEAVENLY FATHER GOOD LORD JEHOVAH/ FATHER SKY represented dancing the Hoop Dance or Raven Dance in the traditional Native American way as I am sure many of you have never seen HIM dance before in Britain.

The hoop is symbolic of ”the never-ending Circle of Life.” It has no beginning and no end.

Many tribal groups across North America used the hoop in Traditional Healing Ceremonies, and the hoop’s significance enhances the embodiment of Healing Ceremonies. Tribal Healers and Holy Men have long regarded the Hoop as Sacred and many have used it in their ceremonies. Visions and ailments were seen through some of these hoops by tribal Holy Men and Women.

Traditional wooden hoops are made out of Willow, to represent the BODY of THE EARTHLY MOTHER. Today, many contemporary Hoop dancers mark four symbols on each hoop when performing their Hoop Dance to symbolize the philosophy of seasonal changes, the four cardinal directions and four sacred colours.

During the Sacred Dance, you will see that the Hoop Dancer makes the symbol of THE MORNING STAR of LORD YESHUA, the Star of David to some, and by the end of the dance, you will see that the Sacred Hoop Dancer creates the symbol of a Sacred Medicine Wheel or the Celtic Cross of St. Patrick as it is better known throughout Britain, the symbol of the Protection of GOD DIVINE Universally, found in every Country of this World. We could sure use some Sacred Native American Hoop Dancers to go to California at this time to protect the Land there for MOTHER EARTH as in the traditional ways of old that the White Men band when they invaded the Americas and colonized it for themselves in the worst Human holocaust of all time.

Following these horrendous California wildfires that have been raging so out of control for months now, perpetuated by the strong Santa Anna winds there that come in off of the Pacific Ocean this time of year, I would imagine that the resident White Folks living there now are regretting their past ancestors actions against America’s first indigenous nation that protected it with their Traditional Spirit Medicines for Millennia, having paid such a heavy price of late financially losing their homes and all their possessions.

It is one heck of a very demanding way for FATHER CHRISTMAS to get fit ready prior to flying around all of HIS Twelve Universes of all Creation to bestow HIS DIVINE GIFTS of ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY in the True Spiritual sense of this Yearly happening every Christmas Eve to all of HIS loyal and devout Children and Followers of HOLY LAW!

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