Rev. Sister Dominic’s Crowd Funding Appeal Launched 11th. November, 2016 to Raise £500,000 to Publish King Arthur’s Autobiography

Something wonderful landed in my lap recently that I want to share with the whole world and have been asked by the Spirit World to run with it, so here goes! A first for me like this!

“Hi. My name is Rosie, also known as Rev. Sister Dominic and I am a Spiritual Medium amongst many other things. I am the Minister of the Nazarean Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. and recently built with King Arthurs help the first Nazarean Essene Temple in Europe following on from that built by our beloved LORD YESHUA /JESUS in Glastonbury 2,000 years ago with HIS Great-Uncle Joseph the Arimathean.

In 2010, I started channelling from the Spirit World the autobiography of the very famous and mystical King Arthur of legend of Avalon, Wessex and Angleland. This went on for many days, revealing his fascinating life story and then suddenly stopped uncompleted. He got so emotional looking back at his former family, all the dearly loyal knights and friends of his Round Table, and soldiers that had fought so bravely along side him, that had lost their lives in the process fighting against the Celts and Saxons, he couldn’t continue.

Then in October 2016, I was instructed to go to Tintagel, in Cornwall,  England, to meet with him again. When I got there, he gave me a new source  of incredible historically unknown information relating to his past life there which he wants the whole world to know about. He is fed up hearing the truths of his magical life and often extremely dangerous life story falsified by people of the present day.

He has now given me two books about him which I need to publish for him, so that all the many worlds peoples can finally understand what his incredible and unbelievable life of Divine Service for GOD and Humanity on this Planet was all about ~ his life, his loves, his teachings, his trials on the battlefields, the Holy Grail, his Knights, his family etc., etc. He was so much MORE, than even legends have portrayed him as to us in our time.


He wants to put the record straight for Humanity once again, being the wonderfully just and devoted loyal soul that he is to his KING in Heaven,  his people and his country even now, 1,500 years later.

He kept his promise to return when the world needed him most as Merlin prophesied, but a third book in this series still to be written will be covering what all that entailed, although there are references to it in the first and second books ready for publication now. Whether there will be sufficient funds  to cover this third prophesied books publication I don’t know. That is up to you!

The first manuscript is typed up and ready to go to a printer now and the second I am typing up at presently. All I need is the money to get them printed and distributed in as many of the worlds languages as possible.  I want to raise £500,000 as soon as possible to get these two books published if at all possible before Christmas 2016

The heroic bravery of this man out grew Britain and has spread over the centuries to every country of the  world, and with your help, I can achieve this for him ~ a man I have the greatest admiration for beyond words ~ and help him achieve his dream wish to clear his dear name of non-Truths spoken about him, and for the re-establishment of his Round Table Grail Order at Planetary level this time! He has asked me to lead it with him  to manifest World Peace for us all and for Life’s continuance.

I have never done anything like this before, asking for money in this manner. It is a first for me but I believe in this mans story so much that I want the whole world to share in what he has shared so bravely with me over the past few years. Will you all please help me to help him? It is the best money you will ever donate I am sure and what he wants to re-establish on Earth once again is just BEAUTIFUL!

Please foward this on to all of your friends and everyone you know that you think may be interested in helping King Arthur and I tell his truely magnificent lifes tale!

Thank you and peace be with you.”


If you would all like to support me in this amazing event in my life, you can donate through Facebook here:


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