LORD YESHUA Confirms HE has Now Gathered HIS OWN Flock in as a Part of THE SECOND COMING of CHRIST ~ 28th. May, 2018

I keep finding myself since THE SECOND COMING VISION I was blessed with to bare Witness to and very Honoured to receive, smiling a really soul-centred deeply, deeply heart felt smile from the very roots of my Being, with no particular reason to be smiling outwardly about. Also, I am very aware personally of a very deeply-seated new inner warmth now emanating outwardly from within my very core, a dazzlingly bright light-centred warm comforting glow, that is enveloping the whole of my physical and auric field as I have never experienced before. It is the most wonderful, gentle, exquisitely beautiful feeling of pure CHRIST-LOVE RADIANCE I have ever felt and I visit the GODHEAD as often as possible. This is a very new ESSENCE that has arrived into our World and 12th. Universe of GOD to LORD JESIAS’S/ THE MASTER YESHUA’S obedient and strictly disciplined Nazarean Essene beloved Community that I am personally experiencing, as I know others of you are also now simultanteously around the World in our group that have been in touch with me about it. This is BLISS! Sheer BLISS! Bring it ON! You can NEVER have TOO MUCH of GOD’S DIVINE PRESENCE, LIGHT and DIVINE SOUL-ENRICHING LOVE in YOUR LIFE!

I asked LORD JESIAS/ YESHUA what had happened to me and those following HIS ‘NAZAREAN WAY’ since the ALL-GLORIOUS VISION HE gave me to share with the World, and in HIS very humble and gently smiling manner, HIS stunning blue eyes just twinkling with Pure GOD LIGHT, HE said, “I am holding your hand now and I will NEVER LET GO. MINE are WITH ME of MY Flock. The rest are LEFT for a later date if I DECIDE to. That is not MY decision, but GOOD LORD JEHOVAH’S.”

HE has just confirmed something that I have always known saying, “There was only supposed to be ONE DATE and that is DONE, but by HIS GRACE and LOVE for ALL, HE-SHE has RECONSIDERED. I await results for MY LIFE’S PURPOSE. MINE are WITH! GOD BLESS.”

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And so it is! All KNEW that this long prophesied day would come and it did, and sadly, most of the World’s population are so lost and dis-connected from our beautiful LORD CHRIST and MESSIANIC GODHEAD, that they are all totally oblivious to it and carrying on as usual playing Ostrich with their heads buried deeply in the sand. As YESHUA said,

“And from him who has it not, will be taken even that which he has, therefore I am speaking to them in parables because they who see do not see, and those who hear neither hear nor understand. And the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled in them, which says, ‘Hearing you will hear, and you will not understand, and seeing you will see and you will not know. For the heart of this people has become dense, and they have hardly heard with their ears and their eyes they have shut, lest they would see with their eyes and they would hear with their ears and they would understand in their hearts and they would be converted and I would heal them. But you have blessings to your eyes, for they are seeing, and to your ears, for they are hearing. For I say to you that many Prophets and righteous ones have yearned to see the things that you are seeing and they did not see them, and to hear the things that you are hearing, and they did not hear them.”

(The Aramaic Bible in Plain English. The Gospel According to St. Matthew 13: 13-17.)

I may not have any temporary Earthly monetary wealth, but sincerely walking the ‘PATH of THE MASTER’ in the strictly disciplined all-sacred manner that HE Taught me and HIS Disciples 2,000 years ago that I share with all Beings now internationally, has made me richer than all of the kings, queens and financial millionaires and billionaires on the Planet and I wouldn’t swop places with them for anything. I have devoted my many many lives over the past 40 million years to accumulating the Eternal Heavenly Riches, Spiritual Jewels, Pearls of CHRIST Wisdom, and DIVINE Treasures of Life instead of which HE spoke in the Holy Land and throughout all of the many Mansion Houses of GOD that I have escorted HIM throughout CHRISTENDOM and that constant thrice daily diligence has gifted me now and you too I pray, the Eternal Pot of DIVINE GOLD at the end of LIFE’S RAINBOW! And this is only the BEGINNING I am told, “The BEST is YET to COME!” If we all feel this GRACEFUL NOW, “WOW! I can’t WAIT!”

Peace be with you all. It is CELEBRATION TIME dear NAZARENE’S! We MADE it! Well done all of you experiencing this very NEW WAY of LIVING LIFE TRULY as FAR MORE HIGHLY EVOLVED RAINBOW WARRIORS of PEACE and LOVE DIVINE than Human Beings have ever known before on this Planet!

Nobody on Earth can ever take this away from you that you have worked steadfastly for day by day. You worked for it Spiritually and your just reward has been gifted to you that made it through.

Love to you all.
Maitreya Grace White Star, The Magdalene of YESHUA.












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