St. Bartholomew Nathan’a-el The Apostle’s New Holy Synoptic Gospel ~ 30th. January, 2020

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St. Bartholomew Nathan’a-el The Apostle’s New Holy Synoptic Gospel

I thought I would give you all a small flavour of some of the Spiritual Riches contained within St. Bartholomew The Apostles new Holy Gospel that I have been working on with HIM for the past 2½ Years now which is now coming to completion. From the size of this very Powerful Life-Changing Manuscript of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH’S LIFE and TEACHINGS 2,000 Years ago, I think IT will probably be sold in two great Volumes, in order to make IT affordable for the World’s Nations to purchase.

This particular quote from IT regarding our times that we live in now, seemed very apt to where our World currently finds itself and gives us the answer of how to reverse quickly, the downward spiral ecologically, that our beautiful Planet is now on, having passed Midnight on the countdown of GOD for It. As the Corona Virus spreads rapidly around the World as I speak, LORD YESHUA’S PROPHESY to St. JOHN recorded in HIS ‘Revelation According to YESHUA THE MESSIAH’ is being acted out upon the World’s Stage ~ hence My not waiting for the release of this answer to cure It and many other things happening detrimentally to our Planet of Love at this time.

This new Synoptic Gospel has been copyrighted to Rev. Sister Dominic ‘White Eagle Star’ ©2019, my former Spirit name that GOD gifted me, that I have written all my Spiritual Books for HIM under.

Peace be with You All. The Magdalene of GOD.

WE are NOT a ‘CHURCH.’ WE are a gathered COMMUNITY of FRIENDS in OBSERVANCE to GOD and alike. WE can SEE stuff that Men CAN’T! Their Eyes close to stuff. Their HEADS get TURNED in DEFIANCE of THEMSELVES and Their GOD PARTICLE, as someone called IT on this Earth of SCIENCE. MY Friend ~ all HAVE! They must LOOK and be ONE with GOD and GOD’S ESSENCE will CONNECT to this Earth BEFORE it is TOO LATE to CHANGE! It is on a curve to DEATH as WE SPEAK, as I LOOK as You KNOW and yet Man Sees NOT! HOW can Man be so UNOBSERVANT to THEMSELVES and LIFE all ABOUT Them each and every DAY? I cannot yet COMPREHEND! They are Blind in MUCH of LIFE and shudder to THINK what They MISS when They get BACK! Too LATE! GONE! Their PATH to LIFE, that LORD YESHUA showed ALL Mankind to GRASP! ONE DAY, it might RETURN, if Man comes BACK to OBSERVE what Life IS, but for NOW, it is SHUT to His HEAD. He BLINKERS His THOUGHTS, and patterns of doing are released to block His development in His Growth and Love and features of Beauty and Grace of GOD. He must TRANSFIGURE as that ROCK, upon which LORD YESHUA stood.”

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